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22.10.2014 by Paul Piper

A tiny reference in Joystiq.com

I recently stumbled upon a great article by Joystiq.com which centers around the great Trespasser remake that s13n1 has been making over at TresCom.org. I am an enormous fan of Jurassic Park, as you may already have guessed, and as such I was quite touched. 

I was asked to give a few statements for the author and of course I was happy to oblige - it seriously feels just great to see the community coming up with these awesome additions all the time. The full article is definately worth your while and can be accessed here.


26.02.2014 by Paul Piper

CATO - Released

Last week we launched CATO, a full ERP solution. Needless to say, the product took alot of effort on our end and we are slowly beginning to advertise it.  On the forefront, we just launched a small ad-campaign in the german Harvard business manager: 




The ad features both Michael and I in the background - the actual model, was shot on a separate day. The entire planning was quite fun and I can only hope that it will spark some interest. 


If interested, head over to www.cato-commerce.com to see what it is all about!

21.12.2013 by Paul Piper

Interview for the Ingen Historian

Recently, I was asked to come aboard the Jurassic Park podcast "Ramblings of A Ingen Historian" to talk about the history of TresCom. Since i am a huge Jurassic Park enthuasiast and would do anything for  the community, I absolutely loved the experience. 

We covered quite alot of topics, ranging from the beginnings of the community to the recent "feud" there was with another jurassic park website.


If you want to listen to the podcast, follow this link.