Posted on Jan 1, 2010

About Paul Piper

Gravel Calls

It is hard to describe oneself in a few words, especially if you try to sound like a generally likeable person (which of course I am!), but here’s my shot:

My name is Paul Piper, I was born 1983 in Goettingen, Germany and I am currently living in Giessen Wiesbaden, Germany. Living? Well, somewhat like that. I think the fact that my own bedroom consists of a single bed (it’s called a bedroom, isn’t it), pretty much sums it all up…

I am what you would call an outgoing-person. Not so much a person who enjoys to “go out”, nope – can barely stand “parties” (I hate random smalltalk, for instance), but one who is always on the road. I tend to spend time with people who share my view on life and especially work.

I get the most out of my life, while working on my pet-projects. This could be anything, ranging from making silly movies, playing in one of my bands, or those geeky internet things I do for a living. I am easily entertained as well and love to be part of a working team.

I hate modern technologies and how they always sound overly-complicated while being overly simple in reality. This explains my stubbornness against apple-machines (there’s nothing wrong with apple, I just can’t stand the fandom) and why I prefer pc-classics over modern computer games any day (though I haven’t really played anything in a while).

I like a good set of goals and can’t stand the process of change (though I usually enjoy the outcome of it)! Oh and I also love to tackle problems that seem unbearable at first – call it whatever you like, I get a kick out of failing and retrying…

Oh and last but not least, I get cranky when not fed regularly (lunch: 11.30am, snack: 4pm, dinner: 7-8ish and lots of cookies in between)

2023 Update

It’s 2023 and it’s been years since i posted this. My life’s been turned upside down. I got a daughter and a wife, who i both love very much. I picked up a guitar and learned myself some through the magic that is the internet. I also started to take care of my body and did some writing (you know, body and mind those sorts of things - not that I really believe in any of that). I still get cranky when I’m not fed on time, though…