Finding myself in AI

Posted on Mar 13, 2024

Today, I’ve come to a realization. My two-decade tenure as a developer has been fulfilling, but I now realize: thanks to AI, it is over.

Let me explain: AI has always fascinated me. I love Jurassic Park, afterall, of course I would. But for some reason, when machine learning started getting some traction in 2018, my initial reaction was indifference.

Up to this point I had only worked with deeplearning4j and tried my luck with a project titled “minime” using a self-compiling piece of java code and a rules engine. But when I first heard about machine learning and got in touch with people actively scanning my project scipioerp on github for generative AI, I couldn’t really see the usefulness.

I was an expert developer myself, with 20 years of experience by now. Of course AI couldn’t do what I did. At least not in its complexity. But eventually I forced myself to use it. Really use it and once ChatGPT3 came around I suddenly saw the writing on the wall: my days as a developer were over.

That’s when I teamed up with my dear friend Felix Schmidt to found Jarvex will be our way of embracing our own future. We want to see AI being adopted sooner rather than later and be a positive force in our society.

As a first outlet, we are also founding AIVory, a first digital agency that works without employing developers. My role is now transitioning from developer to AI collaborator.

This is probably the most significant change in my career ever since I founded Ilscipio and I am not even sure where this new route will take me. I only know, this just feels right.