The Lost Website: Rebuilding and New Beginnings

Posted on Sep 27, 2023

Hey there! It’s been a while and boy, have things been busy. Life has a knack for throwing curveballs, and sometimes, things can fall through the cracks. This website is one of them. It mysteriously disappeared during a server migration back in 2016. Simply put, I had not really invested much time in maintaining it for years prior and lo and behold, it simply got forgotten when we did one of the many migrations at my company ilscipio

Once that I noticed that it was lost, it still took me months to find the proper time to even begin with a “fresh” start. All the original template and data had been lost, afterall.

But I finally decided to use it as an experiment to accustom myself with the Hugo CMS. And thanks to the wayback machine and some limited files I still had stored somewhere, I managed to redo the original design (with slight modifications) and rework all the original content. So here it is - the new, old, refurbished personal website of mine!

Now that I got this over with, I promise (sorta), to occasionally update it with more of my stuff. I did a thing or two in the time inbetween, so yaaaay.