Added Personal links :)

Well, I just added my incomplete list of personal links to the website and am now working on a projects – section :)

Contact Page Added

The Contact page is now fully functional ;). So please yourself and write me a message. I will do my very best and answer it…

Projects of the past

I figured that I may want to add some reviews of previous and current projects of mine, so I began writing a few articles that I want to release every few weeks (whenever I feel like it) from now on…

So the start is a tiny little marvel I did right after highschool: Chopper, a J2ME game for mobile devices… Enjoy :)

Still adding links...

Well, just a quick and minor update. I added the blueend-guys to my personal links page and removed some minor typos…

Cheers, Paul

Trescom Revival

Trescom - the place for trespasser fans

Well, after years of great support, IGN/Gamespy decided to close its doors on all hosted sites. Unsurprisingly this also affected my beloved, which is why we began packing our things together and moving to a new host.

Remdul and I used this occasion as a great excuse to finally do some maintenance on the site and forum and relink all hosted sites. So if you’ve never visited and/or are interested in the Jurassic Park fandom, you should definately pay a visit to that page. It still remains the greatest source for Trespasser on the internet and will always take a special place in my heart.