A tiny update perhaps?!

Posted on Aug 21, 2010

Well, I just restructured the backend a little, since it had taken me too much time to update this page in the past. Now that I got my tools ready, I am sure that I can update alot more frequently  (Also, all my updates are going to be archived as you may see on the left) :)

As a start, alot has happened since the last time I wrote. First I wrote a few german guest-articles (I think there was more, but I am reaaally bad at keeping track - sorry!!!):

I was also asked to give a few interviews for Bazaaria.com:

But there is more! I also spent lots of time developing projects for ilscipio, here two examples:

And then of course Bazaaria - possibly the greatest auction killer EVA!!!:

Oh and then, I also began to work on my thesis (for the diploma in St Gallen), marched for 60km (intended to do 100, but failed lousily - more on this on a later update), began to learn C++ (felt like it), learned to learn Swedish (well, barely began) and finished up some other projects. Clearly - there is LOTS to see and write about in the near future, so… uhm… YAY :)