eBikes for the win: Velocomfort.com

Posted on Feb 24, 2011

Spring is just around the corner! True, none of us can feel it yet - the weather, the foliage on the ground & my mood, all tell you otherwise. But personally, I don’t think we have to be extraordinarly positive to get ourselves looking forward to it…

And there is a reason to it: Velo Comfort! Not to spoil anything, but we just recently launched the new website for its distributor “Thun”. So I do have good reason to be excited.

But there is more to it! In this case, we all had loads of fun developing the new website. Jenni, Pascal, Alex, and Janine all joined together for this project and enjoyed it quite a bit. The product: a great new eBike system, which works like an engine that you can attach to your existing bycicle. Needles to say, even though I am not the biker myself (I currently lack any physical training), I was smitten - we all were. 

So, what can I say - have a look and you’ll see exactly why I was excited: velocomfort.com

Velo-Comfort logo