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Posted on Nov 20, 2012

Browseo for android

Being focused on several pitches and ilscipio related tasks, I didn’t really get around doing much fun for a little while… if it wasn’t for a tiny app by the name of Browseo Mobile

Browseo, as you may know, has been an incredible success so far. As a tool for SEO-professionals, we launched the app almost a year ago to a wider audience. Before, we had developed the tool for internal means and never had a market in mind. It came to our big surprise that Browseo was wildly acknowledged by SEO-Experts all around the globe. Since its launch the response has been overwelming: we received mails from the big ones (Rand Fishkin & Garrett French - thank you so much for the great correspondance), plenty of tweets and were contacted by companies of various huge brands. 

It is a great feeling to be developing something like this for a change that an entire industry can enjoy. So one weekend, Jonathan asked me to think about a mobile app. He enjoyed using the application on his mobile phone and hence was asking if we could be doing something like this along the side… I loved it.

So I made my way through a set of android docs and got to work. I used a small library called Phonegapwhich I can highly recommend and what do you know we managed to launch it all to the general public within two days. So if you happen to have an android phone, please give it a try- it’s free!