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A Webbazaar. The main purpose is the exchange of consumer goods without any limits. You may sell, buy and exchange openly. I started the development during my college year in SF and finished it all right after college.


A grand new Factory Outlet Center for the Web. I was closely involved in the design and development process of this little marvel on the web. If you ever look for great consumer products of well known brands, look no further. Thanks to the excellent team behind, you probably won't find those any cheaper anywhere else :)

Fraport (Frankfurt Airport)

Though never been anything more than an intern, I fell in love with that company instantly. A great employer, who even allowed me to lay hands on those nasty SAP-machines... mmmmmmmmmmh


The website of my tiny eCommerce-agency. I have come to work together with great talents there and we will define how eCommerce gets done! (sounds a little marketining-ish, true, but you can't say we don't get things done ;) )


The Intra-Net of my university. I applied there as a developer through my first semester at college. Though I didn't really develop anything (nothing of use anyhow), I still remained Admin to the end of my college years. MyEbs is a product of the talented guys from Blueend (ebs graduates themselves) and remains a grand community.


The company I founded together with Martijn. Though we have closed the dorrs already, it was a helluva time. You may find an article describing a few of our works hidden on this site ;)


TresCom was my personal pet-project during the highschool years. It has grown into the biggest source for the 1998 DWI game Trespasser and is the host of many tools and levels. It has been featured in many magazines and known by other Trespasser fans as THE Spot to hang around at. I still spend my sparetime there and try to stay in touch with all of the fellow members...



Great fellas, great products. I learned from and owe alot to these guys. They still remain my hosts for the Bazaaria Server Systems and are great companions in the world of ecommerce. Amazingly talented people...


I can personally recommend this site for its vast collection of podcasts and alike. If you are german and enjoy listening to podcasts, or just look for new movie trailers or video-documentations, look no further. Podcast features all this and more!!!


This is probably the cheapest provider for fast internet-connections over the air in germany.