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15.02.2013 by Paul Piper

Drop-Shadow Generator

Doing shadows on boxes is quite a hassle within CSS. Though modern browsers support this in one form or antoher, it is tedious to look up the actual style property the few times you actually use them. If you want to support the lesser IE versions, it quickly spawns into a real nightmare. 

Well, I looked into this a while back and created a fun little generator to play around with. By dragging a sun around, a complete set of CSS is generated for you that is safe to use with most browsers. In general it should support most modern Browsers & Internet Explorer down to IE7.

To the Dropshadow-Generator  

05.02.2013 by Paul Piper

Deutsche-Startups Guest Article

It took me some time to get back onto writing guest articles. The main reason was that despite how much I enjoy doing this, it tends to be one of those things that get out of focus for a while, then instantly pop up and bite you in the ass again. So here's my latest addition:

5 Gründe gegen Alles-Könner

Unfortunately, it happens to be a german article on the topic of why people tend to overlook extenral help within their startups or, even worse, have the tendency to evaluate it differently.


P.S.: If interested, also read up on Innovationswüste Deutsches Internet