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11.12.2010 by Paul

Towners - a tiny sim city clone

It's time for another look into the past. This time around, I'd like you to have a look at "Towners"! Yes, that's right - it's time for another mobile application. I hope you enjoy the read and video.

Towners - an awesome Sim City clone!


07.12.2010 by Paul

Outlet Center Soltau

Just a quick update to all of you: With Ilscipio we recently launched outletcentersoltau.de. It is the oficial website to the yet-to-be-built factory outlet center near Hannover, Germany. Though a simple website, by design, I especially like how balanced design & content came to be. Certainly worth a look and once the outlet center is built: Pay it a visit if you can.


FOC Soltau logo