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15.09.2010 by Administrator

German startups: still overlooked?

Today, Netzwertig.de, released a second article on why german startups may not receive the attention they'd need. The article losely references my own thoughts on t3n.de a few weeks back, but goes further. Interestingly, Martin Weigert points out, that most german startups lack decent PR. He is overwhelmed that, though cheap in production (he says 15min is all that's needed for a great personalised mail), most german startups miss out on this opportunity - often he receives lengthy, unpersonal and uninspiring emails... needless to say that that is something he wouldn't publish.

Needless to say: I agree! However, I must also add that this may be too much to ask for. When I began with Cumonian (bazaaria.com - that basar I continuosly talk about), anything PR was tough work. A PR agency takes from 1000-4000€ a month for their continuous work - as always, sometimes even more than that. If you pick up work on your own, and barely scrapped together the money on your initial investments, it is something most people probably would not want to spend. Though PR can add a LOT to your marketing strategy, it probably isn't wise to spend all your money on PR alone, anyhow (the results are hard to track and may come irregularly). This does not mean, that Martin is incorrect by pointing this out, actually, he has made a strong point, BUT it probably comes down to this: entrepreneurs must learn how to do PR by themselves. Frankly, though, not all of us are born writers and it takes alot of courage to get in touch with blogs and other websites...  

Still, I say, it is a great read, and definately adds to the current discussion, so have a look:

* Ein Grund für Aufmerksamkeitsprobleme

13.09.2010 by Administrator

Slowly Upgrading

What can I say. Despite the fact, that I was really trying to keep this website light-weight (take a look at that theme again: simplicity is the key here), I am slowly beginning to add some functions for convenience reasons. First of all, all updates have a permanent link attached, so that you can send specific updates to your friends.

For the future, I am considering installing a small rss feed, who knows, it is simple...

08.09.2010 by Paul

A radio-spot in the making

Well, we just recently launched a marketing campaign for my pet-project bazaaria. Part of which was was a tiny Radio spot we produced on our own. The original plan was for me to record myself a gazillion times and hope anything of use would come out of it...

Needless to say, the plan didn't fully work out. BUT, and heres the good part, we still managed to produce a making-of video (with all of us speaking GERMAN). Hell yeah. So, enjoy this short clip: